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Liberty Park * Victorian Duplex (SLC, UT)

This duplex was originally built as a single family home back in the late 1800s by the city's first fire chief. It was subsequently split into TWO units sometime around the 1940s.

The upstairs is one unit. The downstairs is another unit. Both units have:

- Tall ceilings.
- Original fir hardwood floors.
- Lots of large windows.
- 1/4 acre lot (twice the size of a normal city lot).
- Large rose & vegetable gardens + fruit trees (plum, apple, pear, peach, apricot, cherry).

Old houses like this have a ton of charm and character... but they may also be a little drafty in the winter and the floors may be a bit wonky and creak a bit here and there. Nothing in life is perfect... especially not a 125 yr old house. For me the trade-offs have always been worth it: aged wood floors, wavy window glass, rich soil under your feet. Some folks get it. Others are better suited for shiny new econobox apartment living with carpet, vinyl, and plastic. Such is life.

Pet policy for this building: Cat(s) or small to medium dog allowed in the downstairs unit. Cat(s) only in upstairs unit.

The two tenants at this property split the utilities. (Gas+Electric+Water+Internet run about $125/month/person (averaged over 12 months)).

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Reply to with any questions not covered here on in the postings (Craigslist / KSL / Rentler).

1372 south 300 east
Salt Lake City, UT 84115


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